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Skill training

To complete your skill training, you have to choose at least 12EC of courses from the set below. You may choose to do all your skill training in the first year, or spread it across two years. Note that Academic writing is advised to do in your second year, as this is beneficial while writing your thesis. In addition, the Teaching skills course is a second-year course only.

SOW-DGCN08  Neuroanatomy
SOW-DGCN09  Mathematics for Neuroimaging
SOW-DGCN11  Academic writing
SOW-DGCN36  Basic Mathematics for Cognitive Neuroscience
SOW-DGCN47  Practical ERP training
SOW-DGCN53  Mathematical programming using Matlab
SOW-BS086      Advanced statistics in R
SOW-BS090      Teaching skills

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you would like to take a skill training course that is not mentioned here, you may request the Examination Board to do another skill training course (with a maximum of 6EC). Under the condition that the course is a Master's level course and that it is clear from the course description that it is a skill training course, you may send in a request. For more information on how to submit a request to the Examination Board please check the FAQ file that you can find on the Brightspace community site.