Parliamentary History of the Netherlands since 1945

The Centre for Parliamentary History (CPG) studies parliamentary history of the Netherlands since 1945, resulting in a series of authoritative monographs on the interplay between parliament and the various post-war cabinets.

The ‘long’ 1970s. Parliamentary History of the Netherlands since 1945, Volume 10

This volume focuses on the ‘long’ 1970s, the period of the Biesheuvel I and II cabinets (1971-1973), -Den Uyl (1973-1977), -Van Agt/Wiegel (1977-1981) and -Van Agt II and III (1981-1982). The study of these consecutive parliamentary terms – there were elections to the House of Representatives in 1971, 1972, 1977 and 1981 – makes it possible, for example, to better chart the development of parliament as an institute. How did Dutch politics function in the 1970s in a context of a deep division in politics and society, ongoing social unrest, deteriorating economic prospects and fragile parliamentary majorities? What consequences did this have for party-politcial relations and for the style in which politics was conducted? Did the ‘progressive’ parties determine which subjects came on the agenda, or not?