The Yearbook Parliamentary History aims at generating interest in Dutch parliamentary history as widely as possible. It tries to achieve this by including not only academic articles, but also opinion pieces, book reviews, a chronicle of the past parliamentary year, ego documents and memories of recently deceased prominent politicians.

Topical themes or events often form the basis for the choice of subject matter of the historical articles. In addition to academics, the Yearbook also features journalists and (former) politicians. All contributions consider the Dutch parliament in the near or distant past: its position and actions since the introduction of the parliamentary system in 1848.

The Yearbook 2020 was dedicated to the problems surrounding the Ministry of Justice and Security. In 2015, three members of government had to resign because the Ministry was unable to find the receipt for a shady deal with a drug criminal. The fuss about crime figures of asylum seekers, in which serious crimes were covered up, resulted in another political fatality. During the summer of 2020, the image of the Department suffered another blow when photos were published showing that Minister Grapperhaus – the figurehead of enforcement the COVID-19 regulations – had violated these rules himself. Is there some kind of curse on the department?