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Online course Group Financing, restructuring and liability

  • Target group: lawyers, company lawyers/legal counsels, legal professionals in financial services
  • Level: advanced
  • Date and time: 18 April 2024, 3:00 PM - 6:15 PM
  • Location: Online in the CPO digital learning environment
  • Number: Max 35 participants
  • PE credits: 3 PE points the Netherlands Bar and 3 HQ PE points
  • Price: € 370,- including digital course material (VAT exempt)
  • This course is part of the Altijd scherp-abonnement
  • Tags: company law, commercial law


In recent years we have come across several issues of Group Financing and restructuring, e.g. international restructuring outside the Netherlands while including Dutch companies (Oi Group case), restructuring of Dutch groups such as HEMA, and legislation on the ‘Dutch scheme’ (WHOA). Apart from recent developments, Group Financing has touched on several multidisciplinary legal issues over the years, in the field of company law, including the 403-declaration, and civil law, like liability law, securities law, and the law of contribution (regres) and subrogation.

This course will provide a broad overview of topics related to Group Financing. How should you distinguish between the interest of the individual company and that of the group? To what extent may a holding company as a director and shareholder be held liable by creditors of its subsidiary? Which securities can be provided to financing parties and how do they contribute to restructuring? How can you restructure through enforcement of a pledge on shares in subsidiaries? What tools does WHOA provide for a group restructuring? How should group companies, being jointly and severally liable, contribute, if one of them has made payment?

After completing the course you will possess up-to-date knowledge of a broad range of subjects with regards to Group Financing. You will be able to make a first assessment of restructuring and liability issues that may arise within a group of companies.

This course is part of the Commercial Law programme.


Stal, Jeroen
Mr. Jeroen Stal, lawyer at Cleber

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