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Course Breach of contract

  • Target group: Lawyers, company lawyers/legal counsels, legal professionals in financial service
  • Level: Advanced
  • Date and time: 5 October 2023,  3:00 PM - 6:15 PM
  • Location: Online in the CPO digital learning environment
  • Number: Max 35 participants
  • PE credits: 3 PE points the Netherlands Bar and 3 HQ PE points
  • Price: € 370,-  including digital course material (VAT exempt)
  • This course is part of the Altijd scherp-abonnement
  • Tags: contracts, remedies, damages


The subjects that are discussed pertain to the performance of contracts, breach of contract and the remedies and notices that follow from a breach of contract. The notice of default, doctrine of specific performance, termination of contracts and compensation of damages are discussed.

The most notable developments are the Dutch Supreme Court rulings on termination (the Eigen Haard case) and the notice of default (the Fraanje/Alukon case).

The pitfalls are manifold. The most notable pitfall is the failure to send a correct notice of default. This is the key to open all remedies. If the key is not applied correctly, the door towards the remedies – termination, compensation of damages or specific performance – may remain closed.

After this course, you are able to follow the right steps in ensuring your entitlement to the remedies that follow the counter party’s breach of contract.

This course is part of the Commercial Law programme.

Some of the topics covered:

  • The notice of default
  • Doctrine of specific performance
  • Termination of contracts
  • Compensation of damages


Spanjaard, J
Mr. drs. Jan Spanjaard, lawyer at facily LAW Advocatuur and advisor at La Gro Geelkerken Advocaten

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