Student governance

Students at Radboud University are always involved where policies are designed and decisions are taken. Our university has three levels of student governance and input. Below is a short overview.

Programme committee (OLC): Every study programme at Radboud university has its own curriculum or programme committee. These committees vary in size, but are always composed of an equal number of students and staff members. Staff members are appointed, and student-members are elected.

Faculty Student Council (FSR): Each of the seven faculties has a student council. These councils usually consist of six students. The students council meets with the board of the faculty and the faculty works council once every six weeks. All members are elected.

Student Assessor: Each faculty board has a student who sits in on all board meetings, and advises the board on topics regarding students.

Radboud Student Council (USR): The Radboud Student Council represents the interests of all students. They meet with the university’s central Works Council and Board of Executives once every six weeks. They also have a seat on various committees which engage with student affairs (study facilities, health and safety, university finances, etc.) Eight of these students are elected, and six are appointed (each of the six represents a specific interest group).