Theaterzaal C

is a professionally equipped theatre hall in the Elinor Ostrom building of Radboud University Nijmegen. In C you will experience both cultural and scientific events, as well as events that are on the intersection of these two. Think of music and theatre performances, lectures supported by cultural acts, debate nights and scientific conferences.

Physical meetings are possible again at Radboud University's campus (for example activities related to education and research), but only to a limited extent, given the 1.5 meter measure due to the corona virus. Students, employees and visitors are requested to visit the campus only for agreed activities.


You can view the availability of C via this link.
Employees make reservations via Face.
Students make reservations via this web form.

theaterzaal c


- Fixed tribune with 174 theatre seats
- Adjoining outdoor stage
- Elaborate technical equipment
- Backstage area
- Facilities for disabled visitors


Café C

Adjoining theatre C you can find foyer C. During public events in the theatre hall, a broad variety of drinks, sandwiches and snacks is available.