Digital assessment on campus


It is not possible to take an exam without valid identification. The heading 'Verification of identity and registration' on this page explains which means of identification are accepted. Here you will also find what you need to do in order to be granted access to an exam when your idenfitication has expired, gotten lost, or has been stolen. It is important to ensure the validity on time, because nothing can be done on the day of the exam itself.

A written assessment can be administered on paper or digitally. In the latter case we speak of a digital assessment. A digital assessment is presented and completed on a Chromebox or Chromebook that is available for you at the exam location. Administering assessments digitally makes them easier for students to complete, and for lecturers to grade. In preparation of a digital exam you need to take some steps, which can be found on this page. Rules that apply during the exam can be found on the page about Exam regulations.

Digital assessment in the Comenius Building

For more information about digital assessment in the Comenius building, click the button below.

Digital assessment in the examination hall

For more information about digital assessment in the examination hall, click the button below.

How to prepare for a digital exam:

  • Check if you are registered for the exam before registration closes. At most faculties registration closes 5 workdays before the day on which an exam takes place. More information regarding registration for exams can be found in the Education and Examination Regulations (EER) of your faculty.
  • Make sure you know your student number and corresponding password by heart. Using a digital password locker is not possible since smartphone use is not allowed in exam rooms.
  • Take the generic demo exam to prepare for a digital exam. This will make you accustomed to the RU testing software.

PDF, digital scrap paper and calculator

You may need to use a PDF document during the exam. You open such a PDF by clicking on the link on the introduction page of the exam in question. The PDF will then open in the PDF reader. Below you see the icon of this reader (yellow circle in the left image) as it can be found in the left bar of the screen.
Besides the optional PDF reader described above, digital scrap paper (green circle in the left image) and a calculator (red circle, see also the image on the right) are available during each digital exam.

Assistance for questions and problems during the exam

During and right before the start of the exam support will be available through the question mark icon [?] in the bar on the left of your screen (the blue circle in the image on the left). This question mark leads to the Radboud University e-support page, where a chat feature allows you to answer questions. Your questions will be answered as soon as possible. If you have technical questions or wonder whether you have sufficient time, you can also use the chat feature.

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