Digital assessment in the Comenius building

With almost 900 exam spots, the Comenius building is the new home for digital assement since January 2021. Do you have an exam in this building or are you curious how it will go? In the video below you will find all the information you need (English subtitles are available in the video settings):

Attention! This video explains the procedures surrounding exams administered in the new Comeniusbuilding. Before coming to the campus for an exam please check the current measures regarding the Coronavirus here

Seating information

For each exam in the Comenius building, you will be assigned a personal exam spot. This so called seating number is both the number of the spot where you are going to take the exam and the number of the locker you have to use. This number is different for each exam.

  • You can find your seating number in My TimeTable.
  • Log in to My TimeTable and select the exam you are going to take.
  • Here you will find a link to the seating information. If you click on this link, you will be asked to login on a new page.
  • You will then see your personal seating information for upcoming exams.

The seating for an exam will be available no later than the third working day before the exam day. Make sure you know where to find this number well before your exam day, and make sure you know the number before you enter the building.

The number is structured as follows (this is an example):


  • COM stands for Comenius building, in this case the exam location.
  • A/B represents the entrance: Comenius Building A or B.
  • 0/-1/1/2 is the floor number.
  • The last digit is your personal seating number, and also the locker number. These numbers can be found on the signage inside the building, on your locker and on your exam location.

Can't log in but are you registered for the test? Then just come to the Comenius building at the time of the exam. An employee will help you there.
Can you log in but don't see any seating, or are you not registered for the test? Please contact the STIP of your faculty.

Seating code

You can find your seating code in My TimeTable and in Osiris, under your enrolled exams.

Please make sure you check your code before coming to the Comenius Buidling



For each seating number there is a locker with the same number. When you arrive at the room where your seating number is located, you will also find the locker with your number nearby. Use only this corresponding locker. You can open and close it with your campus card. Make sure you always have this card with you when you are going to take a test in the Comenius building.


You are required to store all your belongings in the locker when you take your exam, with the exception of your ID, any permitted aids and refreshments. Leave your valuables at home as much as possible. Make sure you know your RU login details (student number and password) by heart.

Can't open/close the locker or don't have a working pass with you? Then ask one of our employees for help.

The locker's dimensions are 40cm (height) x 36cm (width) x 44cm (depth).

Location and floor plan

The Comenius Building has two entrances: entrance A and B. Both buildings have space at the front for parking bicycles and/or scooters.
Attention: do you have an evening exam and do you park your bicycle in another bicycle storage? Then pay close attention to the opening and closing times of the relevant storage facility!

Below are maps of both buildings.

Comenius Building A:

COM.A.0 Comeniusgebouw

COM.A.-1 Comeniusgebouw Final

The exam spots 001 up to 160 can be found on the first floor. Exam spots 161 up to 305 and individual exam spots (IND1 up to IND10) can be found on floor -1.

Comenius Building B:

Plattegrond begane grond.

Plattegrond 1e verdieping

Plattegrond 2e verdieping

Exam spots 306 through 472 are located on the first floor of COM B. Exam spots 473 through 679 are located on floor 1, and exam spots 680 through 879 are located on floor 2 of COM B.

You can follow the signs in the building at all times to get to the right spot. Before you enter the building on the day of your exam, check what your exam spot number number is!


  • Where is the Comenius Building?
    The Comenius Building is located on Comeniuslaan and has two entrances: A and B. Both entrances are marked with red letters on the building's facade.
    The building is indicated on the road signs you find on campus and is situated behind the Grotius building (seen from the direction of the Erasmus building).

  • Why is my exam in the Comenius Building?
    The Comenius Building is the new digital examination location at the RU where almost 900 students can take their digital exam at the same time. More and more exams are taken digitally through Cirrus. The Comenius Building is equipped with PCs with this examination software.

  • How do I know in which building (A or B) I have to be?
    You can find this in your personal seating code: it says COM.A or COM.B. The last letter indicates in which building your test takes place.

  • Where can I find my seating code?
    You can find your seating code in MyTimeTable (personal schedule) and in Osiris, under your enrolled exams. 

  • How is the seating code composed?
    COM - Building
    A / B - Entrance A or B
    -1 / 0 / 1 /2 - Floor
    Number - your personal exam spot and locker number

  • How do the lockers work?
    You can open and close the locker with a campus card. To close the locker you hold your card in front of the reader and wait for a beep. After this you move the handle upwards. To open the locker again, hold your card in front of the reader of the same locker, and move the lever down.

    Note: only use the locker with the same number as your seating code, and remove all your belongings from the locker when you are finished.

  • What if I forgot my campus card?
    Please ask one of our staff or e-supporters what you should do.

  • What should I do if I do not have a (valid) ID card with me? 

    Participation in an exam is only possible on presentation of a valid identification document. Accepted forms of identification are: passport, identity card, residence permit and driving license.
    In the RU Exam Regulations (under the heading 'Verification of identity and registration') you can read what to do if you do not have a (valid) identity document with you and will you find more information on this topic.

  • What time do I need to be present for a test?
    Half an hour before the exam starts, the building opens and you may enter. You can come in up to 15 minutes after the exam has started. After that it is unfortunately no longer possible.

  • What can I bring inside?
    All your belongings should be stored in the locker, with the exception of your ID card and Campus card, refreshments and any permitted aids (explicitly permitted by the examiner).
    You may also bring any noise-canceling earplugs, provided they are not digital.
    Coats, bags, phones, etc. may not be taken into the examination room.

  • May I go to the toilet?
    You may. Just raise your hand to let the invigilator know you want to go to the toilet.,

  • What if I forgot or lost something in the Comenius Building?
    If you accidentally forgot or lost something during one of your exams in the Comenius Building, please contact the receptionist at the Grotius building

  • How does it work when I am entitled to extra time?
    If you are entitled to extra time, your personal seating will be adjusted to this in advance. You will automatically be seated in a room with other students who have extra time, so you will not be bothered by students who leave before you finish. On the same page as your seating code you will also see your personal end time of the exam.

  • How does it work if I am entitled to reading software?
    During an exam in Cirrus, the software Readspeaker is available. We advise you to practice with this software. Two weeks before the exam period a demo test is available in Cirrus. You can find a manual here.
    At every PC there is a headset available. You don't have to bring your own.

  • Where can I go with questions or comments about the Comenius Building?
    You can leave your questions and remarks in this feedback form.