What are weblectures?

A weblecture is a lecture recorded on video, which you can watch again (online) at a later moment.

Who can use weblectures?

Weblectures is a service for Radboud University students.

Why do we use weblectures?

A big advantage of weblectures is that you can watch a lecture again at a later moment, for instance at home. This comes in handy when preparing for an exam or when you were not able to attend the lecture in person. Or, when you want to look up something.

Where can you watch weblectures?

The recorded lectures are on Brightspace, in the designated course. Please note: weblectures are not guaranteed. Not all lectures are recorded and published, please check this with your lecturer.

Tips and help

I cannot find my weblecture (yet)?

If you have any questions regarding the availability of a weblecture, please contact your lecturer.

Do you get a ‘acces denied’ error when opening a weblecture?

First take a look at the following tip. If that does not work, please contact your lecturer.

Contact / questions

If you have any further questions, please send an email to


Weblectures contains material that is protected by copyright. This material is exclusively meant for the Radboud University students’ personal use, and/or the use by students for non-commercial education and/or for non-commercial teaching purposes. Without the Radboud University’s explicit permission in writing it is not permitted to publish the material and/or to multiply it, in whatever way, other than by downloading it, watching it and listening to it on a pc or other data carrier and/or by making a copy of the material or parts of it for one’s own, internal use and/or non-commercial teaching purposes.