You can file a complaint if you are of the opinion that you have been treated unfairly by a tutor or university employee, or if you are dissatisfied with the quality of the campus facilities.

You can also file a complaint if you are dissatisfied with the affairs of your faculty or your course. Please note: the complaint must be related to certain behaviour and cannot be directed at a general regulation.

Your specific complaint or suggestion regarding one of the below mentioned areas, can be filed directly through one of the below mentioned forms (see link):

  • Complaints, remarks and suggestions regarding the library can be made here.
  • Complaints regarding IT-facilities can be submitted online to the ICT Service Centre.
  • Complaints, hindrances or faults relating to sunscreens, cleaning services, lighting, doors, sanitary facilities etc. can be submitted online to Facilities & Services.
  • Complaints relating catering facilities such as the restaurant, meals, coffee rooms etc. can be made to Facilities & Services.
  • Queries, complaints and suggestions regarding the Radboud Sports Centre can be submitted online to the RSC.
  • Complaints regarding inappropriate behaviour such as discrimination, (sexual) harassment, aggression and violence can be discussed with the Confidential Advisor.

If required, you can contact a student dean for information and advice before submitting a complaint. The student dean has an independent position.

If you are not sure which authority to address your complaint to or if you do not receive a reply to your specific complaint, you can file a complaint through the Central Complaint Office (link). The complaint which is filed online shall be sent on to the authority or person concerned, in most cases a director of a department or faculty or the head of the education desk. You shall receive an assessment of the complaint complete with arguments and also stating a possible solution within six weeks. Take note: it is not permitted to submit a complaint anonymously. In order to handle a complaint correctly it is necessary to hear both sides.

The regulations regarding the complaints procedure of the Central Complaint Office can be found in the Complaints Office Regulations (annex 13 to the student articles of association).

A specific complaint can be filed digitally through the abovementioned forms. If this is not possible then the complaint can be filed through the Central Complaint Office.