Objections to the Executive Board

If you disagree with a written decision which is communicated to you then you may file an objection. A letter of objection can only be filed against formal decisions, taken by or in the name of the Executive Board, regarding enrolment, withdrawals, tuition fees, financial support and if the option to object is given in the written decision. Also if the Executive Board refuses to take a decision regarding the abovementioned subjects you can file an objection.

The letter of objection must be received within six weeks of the decision date! Should your letter of objection not be received on time, then it could be declared inadmissible. In such case your letter of objection shall not be considered.

If you need more time you can submit a pro-forma letter of objection within the given term of six weeks announcing your wish to file an objection. The arguments for such objection can be submitted at a later date. After receiving a pro-forma letter of objection, the Executive Board shall provide a term in which the reasons for the objection must be received.

The letter of objection must contain the following:

  • name and address of the person filing the letter of objection;
  • date and signature;
  • reasons for the objection and the grounds on which the objection is based;
  • description of the decision against which the objection is filed, a copy of the decision should accompany the letter of objection!

The letter of objection should be submitted to the Central Complaint Office or in writing to:

The Executive Board
PO Box 9102
6500 HC Nijmegen

You can also deliver the letter at the Student Information Desk:
Houtlaan 4
6525 XZ Nijmegen

The procedure
If your letter of objection is received in full and on time you shall be sent an acknowledgement of receipt by the Executive Board. You shall subsequently be informed within six weeks about the further procedure regarding the letter of objection. In most cases you will be given the opportunity to give arguments for your objection in a hearing. In certain cases the Executive Board can decide against this, for example if the letter of objection is inadmissible, or is rejected from the outset or if the objection is sustained. You can also decide yourself not to partake in a hearing. The hearing shall be carried out by the disputes advice committee, after which they shall advise the Executive Board on the objection and the decision to be taken. The Executive Board shall take a decision within ten weeks of receipt of the letter of objection and inform you accordingly.

The regulations regarding the objections procedure of the Executive Board can be found in the Regulations for the objections procedure, General administrative law act (annex 8 to the Students' Charter).

You can appeal a decision of the Executive Board to the Appeals Tribunal for Higher Education, PO box 16137, 2500 BC Den Haag. The appeal term is six weeks. The filing fee is adjusted annually, the current fee can be found at the CBHO website. Be aware that correspondence, including letters of appeal, should be written in Dutch.

More information including the process rules can be found at Take note: Appeal can only be made to the Higher Education Appeals Board after the objection procedure of the Executive Board of Radboud University is fully completed.