Exam regulations

All faculties are subject to the same house rules and the same invigilation protocol. You remain personally responsible for familiarizing yourself with all the applicable rules.

House rules examinations

Registering for the examination

  • Participation in examinations is restricted to candidates who have a valid registration for the examination in question. You are personally responsible for completing the registration procedure properly.
  • Candidates have until the fifth working day prior to the date of the examination to complete the appropriate registration procedure. This means: registration for an examination closes at 23:59 pm on the day prior to a period of five working days before the date of the examination; as a result there are always five full working days between the registration deadline for the corresponding examination and the date of that examination. The day on which the examination takes place is never counted as one of these five working days. Students of the Medical Faculty should register 14 days or more in advance. Check the Education and Examination Regulations for more information. Please note that there are extra non-working days around national holidays and the Christmas period (pdf, 325 kB).
  • Always check Osiris, to verify that you are registered to sit an examination (or registered for an examination opportunity). While registration is automatic in some cases, you remain personally responsible for verifying that you have been properly registered. If your name is not on the candidate list, you will not be allowed to sit the examination.
  • If you are using a Student-related facility (such as extra examination time), you should always verify that you have been properly registered for this facility.
  • Any problems with registration should be reported immediately to the Student Information Point of the faculty holding the examination in question.

In the examination hal

Storage of coats/bags in or around exam halls

  • For exams in the sports halls of the Radboud Sports Centre, there will be wardrobe racks in the front-end of the hall where you can store any items not allowed in the exam halls.
  • For exams in the Grotius building, Linnaeus building and Lecture Hall Complex, there will be lockers near the great examination halls where you can store your belongings.
  • For exams in the Comenius building, you can store your belongings in the locker linked to your seating code.
  • In all other exam halls, the coats, bags and the like can be placed in accordance with the invigilator’s instructions.

Other rules and important issues

  • No talking is permitted around the exam halls.
  • Look up your desk number on the candidate list that is posted outside the examination hall. Should there be no candidate list, take the seat allocated to you by the invigilator. For exams in the Comenius building, you can find your desk via your personal seating code.
  • If you bring any equipment into the examination hall (such as a watch, laptop, tablet, telephone, and any other device (including smart devices) and/or wearable), then you are obliged to switch this off completely (this does not mean flight mode) and store it away properly. Please note: failure to switch off and/or store equipment away properly can result in a notification of cheating. This does not apply to any equipment that has been officially approved as an examination-related facility. Details of such equipment are always listed on the front page of the examination sheet.
  • Please note that no watches may be worn during the examination. A clock is available in every examination hall.
  • For exams in the Comenius building, you should store all your belongings in your locker except for your ID, your student card, and possible approved examination-related facilities or consumptions.

Entering and leaving the examination hall

  • The hall will be open to candidates at least 15 minutes before the start of the examination.
  • Latecomers are allowed in during the first 15 minutes of the examination, anyone arriving after this 15 minute period will not be permitted to enter the hall.
  • Candidates are not permitted to leave the hall during the first 30 minutes of the examination.
  • No toilet breaks are permitted during the first 30 minutes of the examination, candidates will subsequently be able to visit the toilet at the instruction of – and under the supervision of – an invigilator.

Verification of identity and registration

  • Candidates will only be permitted to sit an examination if they can present a valid ID. The accepted means of identification are a passport, identity card, residence permit, and driving license.
  • If your identity card has expired or has been lost or stolen, you have to bring a proof of report/appointment, made at the municipality, to show to your faculty's STIP. You can only participate in an exam if you report an expired or missing identity card at STIP at least one day before your exam. You cannot participate if you report it on the day of your exam.

  • In Hall 1, Hall 2, the Jan Massink hall, and in the case of all digital examinations, this verification procedure will be carried out after the examination has started. To this end, you must place your identification document on your desk. In the case of all other examinations, the candidates’ identity and registration will be verified at the entrance.
  • When making a digital exam it is necessary to log in with your Radboud account. Make sure you know these by heart.

During the examination

  • The cheating regulation applies. Always consult the cheating regulation of the faculty at which you are taking the examination. Details of this regulation can be found at that faculty’s website.
  • You are required to obey the rules or an invigilator’s instructions. Failure to do so will invariably result in a notification of cheating.
  • You are permitted to eat and drink during the examination. However, you are not permitted to disturb your fellow students while doing so.

Handing in the examination materials

  • Be sure to fill in your name and/or student number wherever you are required to do so.
  • You are obliged to hand in all of the materials that were issued to you.
  • In Hall 1, Hall 2, the Jan Massink hall and in the case of all digital examinations, raise your hand when you have finished, and the invigilator will come and collect your examination materials. In the case of all other examinations, you should walk up to the invigilator and hand in your examination materials.

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