FAQ exam regulations

Do you have a question about your exam? Here you can read the frequently asked questions about (digital) exams.

During the exam

Where can I put my personal belongings during the exam?

This depends on the examination room. Here you can read what applies to your location.

How do I know where I can sit in the examination room?

Look for your table number on the candidate list outside the examination room. If there is no list of candidates, the invigilator will tell you where to sit. For exams in the Comenius building, you will find your testing place by means of your personal seating code.

What am I allowed to do or not do during the test?

You can find out what you have to take into account during examinations in the examination regulations.

Can I eat and drink during the exam?

Eating and drinking during the exam is allowed. You are not allowed to bother your fellow students with it.

What if I am late for my exam due to bad luck?

Latecomers are allowed to enter up to 15 minutes after the start of the test, after 15 minutes this is no longer permitted.

How soon can I leave the examination hall if I have finished my test earlier?

Leaving the room is not permitted during the first 30 minutes of the examination. After that you may leave the room, provided that the invigilators have finished checking the IDs of all the students in the room.

What if I am distracted by noise in the room?

By having clear procedures and invigilators to enforce them, we try to minimise distractions (including noise) during exams. If you feel that the sound volume is higher than what is allowed, please report this to an invigilator during the exam.
Please note that it is impossible to guarantee absolute silence in an examination room. If you are distracted by background noise such as typing during an exam, we advise you to use your own (non-electronic) earplugs during exams.

Which aids can I use during the test? (e.g. calculator, scrap paper)

Per test other tools may be allowed. Your examiner will inform you about these details beforehand.

Not sure what is allowed? Contact your examiner before the day of the test. Information about permitted aids during the test is also available on the introduction page of the test.

How can I identify myself at the start of the test?

Participation in an examination is only possible on presentation of a valid identity document. Accepted forms of identification are: passport, identity card, residence permit and driving licence. Your student card is not a valid means of identification.

What if I need to go to the toilet during the test?

Toilet visits are allowed, on instruction and under supervision of an invigilator, after the first 30 minutes of the examination.

Problems, questions, complaints

What if I encounter problems during the test?

You can ask an invigilator about practical problems.

In case of digital exams, you can contact e-support for technical problems. You can do this by clicking on the ?-icon in the left bar of the screen. After clicking, the Radboud e-support page will appear where you can ask your questions via the chat function.

Where can I go after the exam for questions or complaints about the exam?

For questions about the examinations you can contact the examiner or the examination board of your study programme. Complaints can be reported to the Complaints Desk.

Digital exams

How do digital exams work at the university?

Digital test in the Comenius building? Watch the instruction video.

It also happens that digital tests are taken in the sports halls or the Elinor Ostrom building. This is done with Chromebooks.

The start screen of the test software is ready for you. You log in and the test appears. The invigilator gives the start signal when you can start the test. After handing in the test you raise your hand so that the invigilator can come and check that the test has been handed in correctly.

When taking a digital test with Cirrus:

Can I practice with the Cirrus test software?

Yes you can! There is a Cirrus practice test available. This is not a course-specific practice test, but a general one, intended to get you acquainted with the testing software.

How do I start my test in Cirrus?

The Cirrus login page is ready for you at your personal testing place in the Comenius building. You log in with your s-number and password.

Student facilities

How does it work if I am entitled to a student specific facility?

You can find out whether you are entitled to a student facility and how to apply for it on this webpage. In principle, all facilities are available regardless of the form of the examination.

Extra time

For students who are entitled to extra time, please check before each examination whether the provision for your test is registered in Osiris. If this is the case, the invigilators will take this into account. They will be informed by the faculty.

Reading (software)

Are you entitled to reading software? Readspeaker software is available during examinations in Cirrus. We advise you to practise with this software. Two weeks before the start of the exam period a demo test is available in Cirrus. You can find a manual on this website.

We are currently investigating the possibilities of purchasing Radboud-wide reading software. Until a definitive solution is chosen, students with the 'VOORLEES' facility will be contacted before the exam for all exams that are not held in Cirrus to discuss how we can best accommodate them.

Are you entitled to any other student facilities not mentioned here?

If so, this facility will require more customisation and coordination than other student facilities. Please contact the STIP of your faculty.

Can I use my own (prescribed) anti-RSI hardware during a digital exam?

Yes, dispensation to use anti RSI hardware such as an anti-RSI mouse or an anti-RSI keyboard can be arranged through the student counsellor's office. Prescribed hardware is seen as a student specific facility. Please be aware that, as for all student specific facilities, some faculties require students to indicate their desire to make use of an allowed facility per exam registration in Osiris.
On top of the dispensation granted by the student counsellor, the Coordinator Digital testing of the faculty will need to test the functionality of your hardware together with RU testing hardware and software. The coordinator will check each digital exam candidate list to see if any candidates that have dispensation to use their own hardware are on there. These candidates will be contacted to arrange the required tests. If the student’s own hardware does not function properly in conjunction with RU hardware and/or software, use of RU-owned RSI hardware will be offered.

Can I bring and use my own non-prescribed hardware during a digital exam?

No, it is not possible to bring and use your own non-prescribed hardware during digital exams. It is not possible for us to guarantee proper functioning of RU testing software and hardware in conjunction with student owned hardware.