Integrity code for students for remote testing

Please read the Integrity code for students for remote testing  below or download the PDF (pdf, 67 kB)

Radboud University wants to contribute to a healthy and free world with equal chances for everyone. To that end, we are training students to become conscientious, involved, critical and self-aware academics. This involves an attitude of reliability and integrity.

At Radboud University, we assume that you began your programme of studies because you sincerely want to gain knowledge and acquire insight and skills. It is essential for the structure of your programme (and thus for your further career) that you possess the knowledge, insight and skills that are tested. We therefore expect that you will take a test on your own without using resources unless this is permitted by the examiner.

We trust that, when you take this exam, you will observe the applicable laws and regulations, that you will not commit identity fraud, plagiarism or another form of fraud and that you will not fraudulently assist other students.