Student Charter

On this page you can read or download Radboud University's Student Charter or one of its appendices. The Student Charter describes the legal position of students enrolled at Radboud University.

Student Charter 2022-2023

1. Accreditation
2. Admission, registration, selection and enrolment
3. Registration, tuition fees and other contributions
4. Education
5. Facilities, including academic counselling
6. Internal regulations and fraud
7. Students’ legal position, and student representation and participation
8. Communications from the university

The full Student Charter can also  be downloaden as a PDF. (pdf, 241 kB)

Appendix 1 Registration and Enrolment Regulations 2017-2018
Appendix 2 Profiling Fund regulation 2022-2024 (pdf, 282 kB)
Appendix 3 Regulations governing the Committee and Participation Work Certificate (pdf, 180 kB)
Appendix 4 Regulations governing Top Talent in Sport and Art (pdf, 167 kB)
Appendix 5 Code of Conduct for Foreign Language Education (pdf, 12 kB)
Appendix 6 Outline of the academic year
Appendix 7 Standing Orders of the Examinations Appeals Board (pdf, 95 kB)
Appendix 8 Objection Procedure (General Administrative Law Act) Regulations (pdf, 73 kB)
Appendix 9 Regulations on undesirable behaviour (pdf, 41 kB)
Appendix 10 Regulations governing Personal Data Protection (pdf, 84 kB)
Appendix 11 Paid parking exemption (pdf, 21 kB)
Appendix 12 Regulations for Integrity in Science and Scholarship (pdf, 128 kB)
Appendix 13 Central Complaint Office Regulations (pdf, 6,7 kB)