Communications from the university

The university communicates with students in various ways about obtained grades, timetable changes, facilities and current information.

Which University communication channels are the most important for students to monitor?

The University uses multiple communication channels. For students, and their programme website are important. Formal communications from Radboud University to students are normally routed through the email address provided by the university.

What are the contact details of the various service departments for students?

A list of facilities and their contact details may be found on the Radboud University website. On that page you can click through to the most important student facilities and the PC facilities of each faculty.


How does Radboud University handle the consequences of the coronavirus?

You can find the latest news, frequently asked questions and all places you can go for more information on the impact of the coronavirus on teaching and courses on the Radboud University  website . This information is updated when necessary, for example as a result of measures taken by the national government. You can also find information and tips on facilities for distance learning and guidance during the coronavirus pandemic here. For questions about your study progress, please contact your student advisor as quickly as possible.

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