Registration, tuition fees and other contributions

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Registration and deregistration

Students may only follow courses and make use of Radboud University resources if they are enrolled.

What general rights result from registration at Radboud University?

Registration as a student comes with certain rights. These are set out in the WHW. In any case, it concerns the following rights:

  1. participation in the study programme and, in principle, of the entire institution, insofar as there are no restrictions on participation in education, for example because of a quota or entry requirements;
  2. the right to sit interim and final examinations for the relevant study programme;
  3. access to the libraries, laboratories, , unless, in the opinion of the Executive Board, the nature or interests of the education or research precludes access;
  4. use of student facilities, including the services of a student counsellor;
  5. academic counselling;
  6. when the Executive Board terminates a study programme, the possibility of completing the study programme within a reasonable period of time at the same or another university.

How do I deregister from a study programme?

You can submit a request for deregistration in Studielink; this is described in the Registration Regulations.

Can my registration be terminated without my consent?

In exceptional cases, the Executive Board may terminate a student’s registration. The conditions are set out in the WHW and are elaborated in the Registration Regulations.

Tuition fees and other personal contributions

Enrolment as a student is conditional on payment of tuition and examination fees, or charges for following a pre-Master’s programme.

How much do I have to pay for my study programme in terms of annual tuition fees?

The rate of the tuition fees depends on the type that you are required to pay (ordinary or reduced legally stipulated tuition fees, or institutional tuition fees). The WHW stipulates in which cases the tuition fees apply. The terms and conditions are included in the Registration Regulations for reference. You can find more information about tuition fees on the Radboud University website.

In how many instalments will my tuition fees be charged to my account if I pay them in  instalments?

If you choose to pay your tuition fees in instalments, it will be taken from your account in 10 instalments.

The exact collection dates can be found on Radboud University’s website.

What happens if I do not pay my tuition fees on time?

If your tuition fees are not paid on time or if it is impossible to collect them, Radboud University’s accounts receivable protocol will apply. If you fail to pay even after a reminder, the university may block your account or even terminate your registration. Students who are in financial distress can make an appointment with the student counsellor. In certain cases, they may appeal to the Emergency Fund.

Will I get my tuition fees back if I deregister during the academic year?

The Registration Regulations set out the situations in which you will receive a refund of your tuition fees should you deregister and the conditions subject to which this will occur. Any refund of tuition fees that have already been paid is calculated on the basis of the number of months that you have been enrolled and the tuition fees you have already paid, amongst other things. If you pay your tuition fees in instalments, any instalments paid in excess shall be refunded. If you deregister in July or August, your tuition fees will not be refunded. More information on deregistration is available on the Radboud University website.

What does registration as an external student entail, and how much are the examination fees?

If you are enrolled as an external student, you may only take exams and do not receive any education or academic counselling. You do have access to the institution’s buildings, such as the university library. You can find more information about how much the examination fees are in the Registration Regulations.

What fees do I have to pay if I follow a pre-Master’s programme?

The fees you have to pay for following a pre-Master’s programme are determined annually by the Executive Board. The amount of fees is included in Registration Regulations and can be found on the Radboud University website.

Is it possible that I will be charged for additional training expenses?

Charging students for additional training expenses is subject to strict conditions. In many instances, if a component of a study programme (such as an excursion) is mandatory and requires a contribution from the student, the programme is obligated to offer an alternative that does not require a contribution from them. This is set out in the Registration Regulations.

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