Things to do before leaving Nijmegen

Returning home (temporarily) before the end of your study period

When you decide to return to your home country (temporarily) there are a few practical arrangements you - as an international student - need to take care of.

Please download the following leaflets for more information.

Information for exchange students (pdf, 216 kB)

Information for degree seeking students (pdf, 193 kB)

General information when leaving Nijmegen at the end of your study period

In between finishing exams, packing your bags and going to farewell parties, there are a few practical items you - as an international student - need to take care of before leaving Nijmegen.

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For all students

(De)register at local city hall (Stadswinkel)

After what we hope has been an enjoyable stay in Nijmegen, you will need to deregister yourself, in writing, at the local city hall (De Stadswinkel, Mariënburg 30, 6511PS, Nijmegen; tel: (024)329 9595). You have to enclose a copy of your passport or ID, mention your last address in the Netherlands, your permanent address in your home country and the date of departure. Please send an email to 
If you live outside of the borders of the municipality of Nijmegen you must cancel your registration there.


If you are subletting a room from a Dutch student, or renting a room in a private house with a landlord/-lady, you must follow the conditions of termination in the rental contract and/or the agreements made with the owner of the room. So check your room contract carefully as it is binding! If you have paid a deposit, it will be returned to you at the end of your stay if the room is found to be in a satisfactory state, and all bills have been paid.

Want to sell your study books?

Check out your faculty's study association.

Books you borrowed from the central library

Please hand in the books you borrowed before you leave for home. If the library is closed, you can also put them through their mailbox.

What to do with your second hand bike / Terminate contract rental bike

Second hand bikes
If you have bought your bike at  Wheels , Bikewerk or Geurts and you  kept your the bike in a good condition, you can usually sell it back to the shop at the end of your stay in Nijmegen for a reduced price.
Note that you need to keep the receipt safe until the end of your stay, to be able to sell the bike back.

If you have bought your bike at another bikeshop, please contact them.

Rental Bike

Student Mobility Bike / Swapfiets  
If applicable, do not forget to terminate your contract and arrange a time and place to return your bike.

What to do with your residence permit?

Are you permanently leaving the Netherlands? If so you are obliged to hand in your residence permit to the IND. The IND may impose penalties if you fail to meet this obligation.

You can hand in the residence permit to one of the IND Front Officer desks or send it to:

Immigratie- en Naturalisatiedienst
Bureau Documenten
Postbus 7025
8007 HA Zwolle, The Netherlands

Kindly make the document invalid before mailing it. You can do this by making a cut in the document or perforate it. Please do not cut the document in half.

Before you return your residence document, please be advised to make a copy of both the front as well as the back of the card for possible future reference.

Close your bank account

Either visit your bank in person with a signed letter indicating that you wish to close your bank account or send this to your bank via regular mail.

Please check on the website of your bank whether the office is still open and at what time.

Please note: if your bank balance is negative (meaning you owe the bank money) the account cannot be closed. Or, if there is money remaining in your account, please withdraw this before closing the account. The bank will not transfer money to a foreign account. It is possible, however, to transfer the money to a Dutch account. All such details should be indicated in your letter to the bank.

CAK letters

Students who have arrived in Nijmegen may have received/may still receive a letter from CAK (the Dutch Health Care Insurance Board) in Dutch, which states that you are not covered under a Dutch healthcare insurance and you should take out a public health care insurance. Even those students who have a European Health Insurance Card may have received/may still receive this letter.Even if you are properly insured you must take action because CAK has no other way of checking whether you are already properly insured. If you don't react to this letter within three months, you risk being fined, and the amounts are high! So, if you receive a letter from CAK or CJIB please take action immediately! For more information go to this website (at the bottom) where you can find the form which you have to download.

Degree seeking students can contact if they have any other questions.

For (Erasmus) exchange students

Erasmus certificate of attendance, or ‘departure form'

Your home university may require that you have an 'Erasmus certificate of attendance' or 'departure form' signed by Radboud University. You can send this form to We will then return the signed form to you by email.

Learning Agreement/Change Form

If you deviated from the list of courses you originally proposed in your Learning Agreement or the content of your traineeship has changed, you must fill in a Form for changes during the mobility, sign it and have this signed by the international coordinator of your Radboud University faculty. Please also have this form signed by your home university. In case you are an Erasmus student, the signature of your home university is mandatory. Please ask the international coordinator of your Radboud University faculty if you need to send the fully signed form to, or if they will take care of this. Please note there are two different forms, depending on if you are an Erasmus student or not. You can find an empty form for both Erasmus and non-Erasmus students on this website.

For Non- Erasmus exchange students

Departure forms non-Erasmus students

Non-Erasmus students who need to have a departure form signed can contact the faculty you studied at or send the form to

Transcript of grades

Valid for all  exchange students
The international coordinator of your Faculty here at Radboud University informed you about how to apply for a transcript of grades. Please contact the coordinator for any questions you might have about your transcript.

Contact information faculty exchange coordinators


Contact the International Office any time with related questions: