What is a Board of Examiners?

A Board of Examiners is in charge of smoothening out first-year’s, Bachelor’s, and Master’s exam procedures. The Board of Examiners appoints examiners to hold exams. In order to instruct these examiners in establishing the exam results, the Board of Examiners lays down guidelines. It also specifies rules and measures that are to safeguard smooth proceedings during exams, which may involve the suspension of fraudulent students.

In concrete cases, you can turn to the Board of Examiners to:

  • obtain proof of having passed an exam;
  • obtain exemption for an exam;
  • extend an exam’s period of validity (the standard period of validity is mentioned in the Education and Examination Regulations);
  • obtain approval of an educational programme put together by the student which is to be part of a final exam (a cluster of minors, for instance, serving as a component of the Bachelor’s exam).
Lodging objections

To lodge an objection to decisions taken by the Board of Examiners, you can always turn to the Examination Appeals Board. >> More information about objection and appeal.