Enrolling as a part-time or external student

Part-time students
Part-time registration is only an option for part-time programmes. At Radboud University, these are the Bachelor’s/Master’s programmes in Dutch Law, Notarial Law, and Religious Studies; the postgraduate teacher training programme; and the Master’s programmes in Pastoral Studies and Interreligious Spirituality Studies.

The tuition fee for part-time programmes is the same as full-time programmes.

External students
External students are also called exam students: they are entitled to taking exams for the programme for which they registered and have access to libraries, labs, etc., but they are not entitled to instruction or supervision. The exam fee is equally to the legal tuition fee, irrespective of the month in which you registered. If you deregister ahead of schedule (when you graduate, for instance), you are not entitled to restitution.

You can only register as an external student if your programme gives you permission to do so by way of a written declaration. You can download an extraneus form at our website.

This declaration must be completed (excepting the University Board’s agreement) and enclosed with your registration forms.