Enrolling as a subsidiary student

Taking subsidiary courses or a minor

Students from other institutions
Always first contact the programme of your choice in order to check if you meet the requirements for taking this course/minor. If so, you can register at Radboud University at this website.

Contract education
If you are not registered as a student but are interested in taking just one or several courses, contract education may be an option for you. In this case you just pay a course fee calculated on the basis of ECT Credits for the course.

The programmes and faculties themselves provide information, conditions, and registration arrangements, as these are outside of the scope of the Radboud University’s central registration provisions. Please do not contact the Student Information Desk but the Information Desks of the programmes themselves. Several faculties offer contract education programmes.

Radboud University students
In your overall programme, you generally have some space for taking minors in programmes other than your own. If these are Radboud University minors, there is no need for you to register for the whole programme, just for the minor, will do. You can do this via the Student portal , the secretarial office, the Education Office, or the administrative office of this programme. There may be conditions concerning your enrolment in a particular subject; enquire with the programme of your choice.

If you want to take minors at other universities, find out about the registration procedure by contacting the university concerned. You need a Proof of Payment of Tuition Fees (BBC), which can be obtained by filling out the webform.