Enrolment for the Master after graduating for a bachelor at the Radboud University

Did you obtain a bachelor's degree at a research university in the Netherlands other than Radboud University then there is another method of enrolment.

If you want to start with the Master without having graduated for the Bachelor?

It is often (but not always) possible to follow certain courses from the master if you are still working on the final courses of your bachelor. Contact your study advisor about the possibilities.

You already graduated for the bachelor and you want to continue with the corresponding master?

You can subscribe directly to the master through studielink. If you have passed your corresponding bachelor degree at the Radboud University of Nijmegen you will not have to take further action. If you graduated for your bachelor 's degree elsewhere, you must submit a certified copy of your diploma.

Must you follow a pre-master before enrolling in the master?

Register through studielink for the bachelor and choose "Bachelor ‘name study' pre-master, HBO-minor or minor". Enter at enrolment in the first year 'no'. When you have completed the pre-master, you can place an enrolment request in Studielink for the master. (NB: for registration as a pre-master student you pay a compensation and not the legal or institutional tuition fee.

Register for a bachelor or a master in July or August?

Almost or just finished your bachelor? Do you want to continue with the master? For which phase must you register in Studielink? Place a new enrolment request in Studielink for your master. Also make sure that you are not (yet) de-enrolled for the Bachelor (choose, if necessary, to re-enroll for the Bachelor). Studielink sees both requests as separate studies. Once your bachelor degree is processed in the system your enrolment will be changed from bachelor to master. You only have to pay the amount of tuition fee once for both enrolments.