Forms 2021-2022

Caution! All forms must have original signature(s). Copied or scanned signatures are not accepted.

The forms are bilingual.

  • Direct debit authorisation form: In case you don't make use of the direct debit authorisation at Studielink or you are UAF-student.
  • Amendment form for the payment: In case your payment method, your bank account number or account holder changes.
  • Proof of diploma: in case you are graduated but did not yet receive your original diploma, you can use this form. The original diploma needs to be handed in as soons as possible. Please make sure that only the actual date of graduation is fill out and not the expected date of graduation.

You can send these forms via regular post to:
Postbus 9102
6500 HC Nijmegen

Webform subsidiary student:

  • Request for enrolment as subsidiary student bachelor's and master's

Webform proof of paid tuition fees: