Statement of enrolment

Once your enrolment has been completed, you can download a statement of enrolment from Osiris Student. It contains the personal data, study data and the exact period of enrolment.

How to download your statement of enrolment in Osiris Student

  1. Login with your studentnumber and password via
  2. Click on the hyperlink ‘Osiris’
  3. Once you’re in Osiris, click on your profile picture, on the top right of your screen
  4. Choose ‘My details’
  5. In the menu on the left, choose for the option ‘Enrolment degree programme’, there you’ll find your statement of enrolment
  6. NOTE: While trying to download the statement, the pop-up might be blocked. You can see this by the small icon in your address bar on the right (picture 3). Click on the icon and then choose the option ‘Always allow pop-ups and redirects from …’. If you then click again on ‘Declaration of enrolment’ the statement will be downloaded.