Contribution for pre-Master's programme 2022-2023

The contribution for a Pre-Master’s programme differs from the tuition fee for Bachelor and Master’s programmes. For Pre-Master’s programmes you pay a contribution per ECTS.

For the academic year 2022-2023 this contribution is set on € 36,82 per ECTS, with a maximum of € 2.209,-.

We calculate the contribution based on the number of ECTS which the Examination Board determined on admission and states on the Pre-Master’s Admission Statement. Once your enrolment in a pre-master's programme is active, the number of ECTS cannot be changed. If you would like to apply for exemption you should do so before the start of the programme. The admission committee will then have to make a new statement of admission with the adapted number of ECTS.

The following is applicable for the academic year 2022-2023:

  • You must submit a statement from the programme’s examination committee in which the extent and content of the programme is defined.
  • You can follow the Pre-Master in question for two uninterrupted study years without the reimbursement being due again. The starting academic year is the first academic year; the following academic year is the second academic year.
  • If indicated in a statement by the examination committee, a period of three uninterrrupted years applies to students enrolled in a part-time pre-Master at the Faculty of Law.
  • The contribution must be paid in the first academic year. This can be done at once or via authorised direct debit in equal instalments.
  • A student who is following a transition programme while simultaneously following a degree programme for which statutory tuition is due, need not pay the transition programme fees.
  • Enrolment for the pre-Master is done for the full academic year. Terminating the enrolment can only be done on 1 March, if the termination request has been submitted before 1 March through Studielink. In the event of termination of registration on 1 March for a pre-master's program with a size of more than 30 ECTS, a contribution is only due for the first 30 ECTS.
  • You are not allowed to take other courses next to those defined in the Pre-Master’s programme. If you would like to take more courses you need to have a regular enrolment at Radboud University for which you will have to pay tuition fee (statutory or institutional).