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Philosophy, Politics and Society

Are you fascinated by the political, technological, cultural, and ecological challenges that dominate the headlines? Do you want to study the concepts and ideas behind those challenges? Are you interested in how our thinking about the world helps shape the world? If you want to help build the ideas that determine the course of humanity, then Philosophy, Politics and Society might be the perfect fit for you.

Why study Philosophy, Politics and Society?

  • You are looking for an issue-oriented philosophy programme.
  • You are ready for a bachelor programme that is fully taught in English.
  • You want to be part of an international community of staff and students.

Facts & figures

Degree: Bachelor of Arts
Faculty: Faculty of Philosophy, Theology  and Religious Studies
Croho code: 59081
Duration: 3 years (180 EC) full-time
Start month's: September
Language of instruction: English 
First year students: 70
Contact hours: 12 per week


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Admission requirements

Dutch students

A vwo diploma or a propaedeutic certificate from a university of applied sciences (HBO Propedeuse).

International students

Check the admission requirements page for more information.

What will you learn?

The first year of the PPS bachelor consists of introductory courses that familiarize you with the fundamental concepts, methods, and problems of philosophy. This prepares you for the second and third year of PPS, which is unique in its issue-oriented approach. You choose up to six thematic modules that focus on the philosophical analysis of major societal challenges. These modules cover topics such as the future of democracy, digital technology, global justice and human rights, and the advent of the Anthropocene.

Philosophy, Politics and Society in 4 minutes


Deadlines for application differ based on you nationality. The deadline is April 1st 2021 for Non-EU/EEA citizens May 1st 2021 for EU/EEA citizens that want assistance with housing and June 1st 2021 for EU/EEA citizens who don't.

Future career opportunities

After a Master's specialisation you have a wide range of job opportunities. You can think of:

  • Journalism
  • Politics
  • Consultancy
  • Education

Do you have a question?

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