Radboud University

What others say...

Jorrit Geels'The atmosphere in AI is one of the best I have seen in any study programme in the Netherlands.'

Current student Artificial Intelligence
Jorrit Geels

'When I knew I wanted to study Artificial Intelligence, I knew I would be most at home at Radboud University...' Read more >

Clara M'The programme includes a lot of interdisciplinary courses.'

Current student Artificial Intelligence
Clara Maine (American)

''The programme included a lot of interdisciplinary courses where I’d be able to learn about topics like Neuroscience and Linguistics along with more technical computer science classes..'' Read more>

Samarpan Rai'The teachers are generally enthusiastic and open about your ideas'

Current student Artificial Intelligence
Samarpan Rai (Indian)
"Don't do it because it is pragmatic and you can earn a lot of money in it. Only do it if you love every single aspect of it. Inside and out..." Read More >

Borislav Sabev'Artificial Intelligence is an essential part of many cutting edge technologies'

Master's student Artificial Intelligence
Borislav Sabev (Bulgarian)
"When I look back one semester and see all the amazing stuff I have done I can tell it’s all worth it..." Read More >

Lotte van Elteren'I enjoy the courses where we apply our knowledge from both psychology and computing science into a bigger project'

Master's student Artificial Intelligence
Lotte Van Elteren

I chose this university because I love the city of Nijmegen. It's a city full of kind and environmentally conscious people..." Read more >

Sanne de Kleijn'The feeling you get when you look at the result of something YOU made at the end of a project is the most satisfying feeling in the world!'

Master's student Artificial Intelligence
Sanne de Kleijn (Dutch)

"AI brings new insights into certain research areas and/or a system that could do something completely on its own! AI really is the future, and it feels great to..." Read more >