Radboud University

Career prospects

Every global problem that humanity faces demands that we understand how our thoughts, concepts, and theories shape the world and our experience of it. The Bachelor's in Philosophy, Politics and Society gives you the tools and expertise to understand, analyse, and navigate the theoretical frameworks that define and shape society.

A combination of a PPS Bachelor's and a Master's tailored to your interest gives you access to a variety of fields and professions. Your studies will be an excellent preparation for a career in policy analysis, journalism, politics, consultancy, public administration, or government. For your future employers, think of:

  • Local, national, and international governments
  • Businesses varying from start-ups to multinationals
  • NGOs and charity organizations
  • Media organizations
  • Think tanks and institutes for policy analysis
  • Education and academic research

During and after your studies you can consult our career officer for tips and advice that will help get you where you want to go in life.

Career prospects depend on your Master's

Most students apply for a Master's programme after obtaining their Bachelor's degree. Your career options depend on the specialisation you choose.