Radboud University

Career prospects

Graduates of this programme often find employment all over the world, in fields varying from financial institutions and the business world to non-profit organizations and governments.

Graduates are well-qualified for filling managerial positions in the international business world, at consultancies, and in government. Many graduates combine consultancy and research tasks into one career. One graduate becomes an entrepreneur, whereas another may opt for a career as policy adviser, manager, or business consultant. It depends on what your interests are and where you are specialized in. An academic career is also possible.

Examples of possible functions where former students currently are employed:

  • Consultant or advisor at Capgemini
  • Project manager at air cater LSG Sky Chefs
  • Traineeship in management at Rabobank
  • Human resource director at Ahold
  • Marketing or communication advisor at Unilever
  • Productmanager at Kirkman Company
  • Team leader Coordination and Realisation at non-profit Alliander
  • Researcher at a university
  • Business analyst at a retail company
  • Business policy officer in the public and private sector
  • Entrepreneur

Career prospects depend on your Master's

The majority of students apply for a Master's programme after obtaining their Bachelor's degree. Your working prospects and future salary depend on the specialisation you choose.

Facts about our graduates

To continuously better our education and to keep up to date with the work field we try to keep in touch with graduates. They are, by us and Studiekeuze123, annually asked for opinions on their study and career. A 2016-2017 survey by Studiekeuze123 among alumni with a Radboud Master's degree in Business Administration gave us the following insights:

  • 84% of the graduates reported to have gotten a job within three months.
  • 62% of the graduates state that they have found a job at their level of education.
  • 60% of the graduates were satisfied about the connection between the education and the field of work.

Graduates were also asked to name their current employer. The top ten largest (Dutch) employers for Master's alumni were Rabobank, Radboud University, ABN Amro Bank, HAN University of Applied Sciences, Philips, ING Bank, Radboud UMC, Bol.com, ASML and Albert Heijn. These organisations exemplify what future employment you might have.

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