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Why study Artificial Intelligence in Nijmegen?

Developing new machine learning algorithms to improve healthcare in hospitals. Building brain-inspired systems that drive the next generation of robots and self-driving cars. Creating brain-machine interfaces that help restore vision in the blind. Are these things possible? Yes! In the Bachelor’s programme in Artificial Intelligence (AI) you will learn how to create these types of intelligent systems.

The Bachelor's programme in Artificial Intelligence at Radboud University has a distinct cognitive focus. We study human cognition to understand and model artificial intelligence, with the aim of creating smarter computers and robots. Such interaction between the ideas of biological and artificial cognitive function makes this degree programme unique in the Netherlands and the rest of the world. Artificial Intelligence is a young and booming field in which there is much to be discovered!

Not convinced? Read on!

  • You will study in an international classroom. The first year of the Artificial Intelligence programme consists for 25% out of international students.
  • As a first-year student you will have your own mentor who will help you settle down and you will learn how to study efficiently. Furthermore, our student advisors, lecturers and study association CognAC are always on-hand to guide you.
  • You can personalise your programme by means of elective courses (including courses from other faculties or universities).
  • You can complete part of your programme studying abroad, e.g. in Australia, Canada, China, Japan, the U.S. or all across Europe.
  • Your research environment is unique. The Artificial Intelligence programme in Nijmegen collaborates closely with several renowned research institutes. For example, the Ellis Unit, and the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, which is world famous for its outstanding language research, and the world-renowned Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour are both on the Radboud University campus. You will be educated by lecturers from these top institutes who are working on cutting-edge research.
  • Housing is offered to admitted students who do not live in the Netherlands and apply before the deadline (see details).
  • Excellent job perspectives: many of our students are hired even before they graduate. All of our students were able to find a job directly after graduating.

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