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Bachelor's programma Business Administration

Audrey'I think the Bachelor's programme offers a variety of courses which was beneficial for me.'

Current student Audrey Rickard (French)
'I would say that out of all the classes I attended I had fun learning and participating...' Read more >

gustas'It challenges me to learn math extensively, I was never a "numbers" type of guy, but I seem to enjoy it.'

Current student Gustas Pipiras (Lithuanian)
'I wanted to challenge myself by studying and living abroad, put myself in a different culture and widen my view of the world...' Read more >

eleonora'The courses have different passing criteria and because of that, I have learned how to do qualitative and quantitative research.'

Current Student Eleonora Shevchuk (Russian)
'Making friends and studying together helped me a lot and in the end, you get the hang of the system and know what to expect...' Read more >

Rahul Sati'You do not only learn how businesses are structured but also the importance of diverse human beings within these businesses.'

Current Student Rahul Sati (Luxembourgish)
'I like the fact that the programme consists of so many courses that are really different from one another. Moreover...' Read more>

profielfotopwcbritt-2jpg'The broad approach of the programme appealed to me.'

Former Student Britt Snieders (Dutch)
'I believe the social perspective offered by the Bachelor’s programme in International Business Administration at Radboud University prepares students for this by providing a strong social perspective...' Read more>

Students Michelle and Katherina answer four frequently asked questions about the Bachelor's programme Business Administration in the city of Nijmegen.