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Research Program

Creativity is currently considered one of the most important qualities for students to develop.

Radboud Teachers Academy is strongly committed to systematically expand and share knowledge of ways in which creativity can be cultivated in secondary education. Its’ Research Program ‘Cultivating Creativity in Education: Interactions between Teaching and Learning’ is directed at this goal and does so along three perspectives:

  1. the cultivation of students’ creativity within and across disciplines
  2. teacher learning and identity formation and
  3. The role of the schoolcontext for cultivating creativity

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PhD Candidates

At the Radboud Teachers Academy, PhD candidates particularly conduct research on the connection between pre-university education (VWO) and the university with a specific focus on teaching and learning. The current PhD projects are all part of the research program ‘Cultivating creativity in Education’ and are supervised by multidisciplinary teams.

Teaching for Creativity

On 10 November 2017, the Radboud Teachers Academy will be hosting an international symposium on ‘Teaching for Creativity’ in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. The purpose is to connect, share and learn about creativity teaching with peers across disciplines.

We warmly invite you to participate.

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About us

The Radboud Teachers Academy is a university-based institute that educates academic prospective and in-service teachers for the senior grades of Dutch secondary education. The senior grades of secondary education prepare pupils for studies in higher vocational and academic education. At the core of the secondary curriculum is an increasing emphasis on the development of pupils’ higher order thinking skills, creativity, scientific attitude, research and problem solving skills; within and across disciplines. The Academy takes a corresponding broad and yet ambitious view on teaching and learning, in which both students and teachers develop and use their full potential with respect to these learning goals and develop their talents accordingly.