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PhD candidates

At the Radboud Teachers Academy, PhD candidates conduct research on connection between pre-university education (VWO) and the university. The projects are all part of the Radboud Teachers Academy's research program ‘Cultivating creativity in education’. More urgently than before, creativity is considered one of the most important qualities for students to develop. Developments in our society and the world are calling for educational approaches in which students not only acquire knowledge and skills, but also learn to creatively apply these to discover, devise, and realize new possibilities. An educational system directed at the cultivation of students creativity is likely to equip them better for the dynamics of modern society. We therefore investigate students’ learning from different perspectives and periods, especially in the transition between pre-university education and university.

Due to the multidisciplinary and educational nature of the research projects, PhD’s collaborate with various faculties at Radboud University and with secondary schools. The PhD students are all affiliated with the national research school (ICO).

Internal PhD's

Ellen van den Broek A Language Awareness approach to Dutch upper secondary foreign language education.
Lieke Jager How to improve teachers’ skills in adaptive teaching in pre-university education.
Chris Kooloos Variatio delectat: Exploring ways in which teachers can orchestrate classroom discourse about variation in solution methods.
Petrie van der Zanden Students’ adaptation to university as a developmental process.

External PhD's

Roy Dielemans Linguistic reasoning in grammar education.
Ramon Groenendijk Pupils’ literacy: a research towards improving quality of reading quality.
Jacqueline Nijenhuis-Voogt Theoretical informatica in context
Maeve O’Brien Braun Identity development in the careers of art educators.
Manon Reiber Opening a window into the future of reading: A multiple case study of teaching EFL higher-order reading comprehension with the use of technology-enhanced reading.
Kirsten de Ries iXpeditie Maatwerk: personalized learning and the role of IT.
Jan van Riswick Mechanics in action: learning about the power and energie in kinestetic methods in education.
Edith Roefs Presence in education: its' perceptibility and creation and its' meaning according to teachers, students and teacher educators.

Getting a PhD at the Radboud Teachers Academy?

Teachers in education can apply for a doctoral grant for teachers through the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). If you are interested in conducting PhD research at the Radboud Teachers Academy with this grant, please read the research program ‘Cultivating creativity in education’ (pdf, 773 kB). Applications could have different foci on teaching and learning in senior secondary education and should explicitly fit within our research program. We are especially interesteResearch Programd in teacher candidates who are particularly interested in research on identity development of beginning teachers and on the impact of teacher practice-based research on school development.

For more information please contact: prof. dr. Paulien Meijer, p.meijer@docentenacademie.ru.nl.