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Workshops round 1


Amber Walraven

Dr. Amber Walraven

Drone Cup: Taking creativity sky high!
What does a challenging project aimed at boosting motivation for technology and cultivating creativity look like and how do teachers perceive a project like this? Become a part of our Drone Cup and give your (teaching for) creativity wings!


Dr. Quincy Elvira

Teachers as designers of education: portraying their pedagogical content knowledge
Designing education is a crucial part of the teaching profession. Designing education can be seen as a creative process. The use of knowledge is necessary in a creative process, but it is underexposed which knowledge teachers use during this design process. This session sheds light on this issue by presenting the first results of this exploratory study.

Merel van der Wal

Dr. Merel van der Wal

Everybody's got talent!
Success comes in many shapes and forms. In this interactive session, we will explore how learning, creativity and personal growth can be achieved outside formal school curricula. A combination of practical examples and theory will illustrate our research on a Nijmegen-wide creative movement for talent development.

Ida Oosterheert

Dr. Ida Oosterheert

Teaching for Creativity; what does it take?
In this workshop, we will explore what it means to start on teaching for creativity in today’s schools. What characterizes a ‘creativity cultivation context’ and which teacher qualities are associated with it? Our exploration starts from participants knowledge and ideas and then moves towards outcomes of research and scientific discourse on teaching for creativity.

Paulien Meijer

Prof. Paulien Meijer

How starting to teach for creativity relates to teacher learning
When beginning or experienced teachers decide to open up their classrooms for creative learning, they cannot suffice with merely applying creative assignments. In a course on "teaching for creativity", it appeared that (student) teachers ended up with working on personal goals such as developing courage, accepting and welcoming uncertainty. This workshop explores what type of learning teachers encounter or need when they start to teach for creativity.

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