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Workshops round 2



Drs. Marie-Thérèse van de Kamp
, University of Amsterdam

Enhancing students' divergent thinking through metacognitive strategy instruction
Enhancement of students' creativity is one of the main aims of visual arts in secondary education. To create an original visual arts product, students first need to generate many different kinds of original ideas, this is called divergent thinking. In a pre-test, post-test control group design, we studied effects of  a metacognitive strategy instruction on students' divergent thinking.

Simone Ritter

Dr. Simone Ritter
, Radboud University

The Psychology of Creativity
During the workshop, we focus on one of the most important 21st century skills: creative thinking. We will discuss and experience how creative thinking can be stimulated. In addition, we will focus on idea selection. History is full of cases in which creative ideas were first unwisely rejected. A better understanding of problems people encounter in this stage, and some possible solutions, can help optimise the processes and circumstances that stimulate creativity and innovation.

Matthijs Baas

Dr. Matthijs Baas
, University of Amsterdam

Creating Circumstances for Creativity
Do relaxed moods foster creativity? And exchanging ideas with close friends? People have strong beliefs about the circumstances that predict creativity. But these beliefs are often not in line with current empirical evidence. To help people select and shape the circumstances that stimulate their creativity, the scientific evidence about the conception of creativity will be discussed in this workshop.

Anouk ten Peze

Drs. Anouk ten Peze
, University of Amsterdam

"Finally, something different."
Creative writing in upper secondary education
Although creative writing is no longer part of the curriculum in Dutch upper secondary education, it might be an effective way to improve students' writing skills. In this workshop, we discuss the ingredients of an effective creative writing instruction and we will take a closer look at the assessment of creative texts.


Prof. Evelyn Kroesbergen
, Radboud University

Creativity in the math lesson
In this interactive lecture, we will discuss how creativity could be stimulated in (primary school) mathematics lessons. First, a short introduction about mathematical creativity will be given, based on empirical research. Second, a recent research project will be presented, in which visual arts and mathematics education are integrated. With short examples, the participants will experience themselves how creativity plays a role in mathematics.

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