Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour
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Donders Awards

At the Donders Institute we recognise achievements of our employees with two types of Donders Awards: the Donders Cube and the Donders Medal.

Donders Cube

CubeThe Donders Cube is awarded annually to a person or a team of persons who improve the institute in a general sense. This does not necessarily have to be research-related. For example, the Donders Cube can be awarded in recognition of an improvement to our facilities or working environment.

Previous winners of the Donders Cube:

  • Diversity and Sustainable Science Committee
  • Graduate School Coordinator Femke Maij
  • FieldTrip Team
  • Data Research Management Team

Donders Medal

The Donders Medal is awarded to acknowledge the entirety of an individual’s outstanding contribution to the DI over a longer time period and is in principle awarded when the individual leaves the institute. The medal honours the researcher's dedication to neuroscience - in science or a supporting role - during his or her career and recognises the added value that this individual has had for the reputation of the Donders Institute.

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