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Diversity and Sustainable Science Committee

The Diversity and Sustainable Science Committee (DSS) has been and will always be represented in the governance of the Donders Institute; the governance structure has been and will always be represented in the Diversity and Sustainable Science Committee. With this we will ensure that we can develop more bottom-up initiatives to support our institute where diversity is cherished, valued and protected.

Our definitions

  • Diversity and inclusivity: Everything that makes us unique: gender, race, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability, religion, belief, age, personality and other factors that make us who we are.
  • Sustainable science: Research practices and work culture aimed at long-term solutions that give everyone the support they need, in order to grow and develop to the utmost of their professional and personal ability.

Diversity and Sustainable Science Committee members

Survey 2020

The committee surveyed the situation at the Donders Institute in 2020. In this survey, we enquired about Donderians’ experience of inclusion and diversity at the institute as well as how Donderians perceive the sustainability of the Donders’ work culture. All staff and students were invited to participate in the survey.

Read all about it in the report of June 2021 (pdf, 9,8 MB).