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Donders Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation Toolkit

TMS or TES - 1-day course

This 1-day course will provide you with in-depth knowledge about a non-invasive brain stimulation technique of your choice, either TMS or TES. We will discuss aspects of stimulation physics, biomechanisms, protocols, study design, confounds, and effects on connectivity, plasticity, and circuits.

This course is focused on hands-on training, catering to a wide diversity of expertise. The day will begin with some lectures summarizing the specific aspects of your stimulation technique, followed by hands-on training and demos.


6 June 2023

Brittany van Beek
Lennart Verhagen
Kenneth van der Zee


Registration and programme

Please find a draft of the program of the event here (pdf, 211 kB). A more detailed program will be made available in April 2023.

Registration is now open on Eventbrite!  Donders-Toolkit-SCREEN

How to get there

DCCN: How to get there.

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