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Two Start-up Vouchers for Martha Havenith and David Neville

Date of news: 26 September 2017

Two researchers of the Donders Institute received a Start-up Voucher of 5000 euro. With these vouchers, the Donders Institute stimulates the researchers to further develop their research-based idea to start turning it into a company.

As part of the mission of the Donders Institute to increase the societal and economic impact of its research, two Start-up Vouchers of 5000 euro have been handed out. The vouchers are intended to support certain steps that need to be taken to explore whether an idea can be developed into a business, or to help overcome barriers in the very first stages of starting a company.

The winners

Martha and David web Martha Havenith, together with her colleagues Tim Schroeder and Abdellatif Nemri, developed a 3D-printed drive that can be used to place microelectrodes more conveniently in the rodent brain. She will use the Donders Start-up voucher to establish a company based on this project.

David Neville will use the Donders Start-up voucher to further develop his idea to create software that can adapt to how we individually learn. Neville aims to build an algorithm that can be embedded in current online educational platforms used at schools and universities.