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Silver Radboud University Medal for Peter Hagoort

Date of news: 29 August 2023


Peter Hagoort will be awarded the silver Radboud University Medal. One of the founders of the Donders Institute will be presented the medal during the Opening of the Academic Year on 4 September. The Jury appreciates Peter Hagoort as a very exceptional scientist, who in three decades has built up an impressive scientific oeuvre with enormous, worldwide impact, and with very great significance for Radboud University in general.

Peter Hagoort was instrumental in the creation of the Donders Institute and subsequently played a prominent role in its expansion. He is also a talented leader who inspires and provides his colleagues with advice in difficult situations. As one of the Radboud University's most distinguished and influential scientists, he has inspired generations of students and researchers, as well as thousands of people outside science. He is an undisputed ambassador of Radboud University.

On behalf of all Donderians we would like to congratulate Peter Hagoort with this well-deserved silver medal which is very rare: during the university's hundred years of existence, this medal was only rewarded six times.

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