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Letterprins nominated for two Digital Impact Awards

Date of news: 19 September 2023


Letterprins, a pioneering reading game that gets children reading mileage through play, has received two honourable nominations at the Digital Impact Awards. The nominations are an important recognition of Letterprins' impact and innovation in promoting literacy among young readers. The game was developed by IJsfontein and the successful launch campaign was developed by Vertigo 6.

The Digital Impact Awards, a "leading award for impactful digital achievements", are organised annually by British Communicate Magazine. The expert jury nominated Letterprins in two prestigious categories: 'Best Use of Data' and 'Best Use of Mobile and/or Corporate App'. These nominations confirm Letterprins' success in improving reading through gamification, and it reinforces its position as an inspiring learning tool.

Impact of Letterprins

Letterprins has impressed with remarkable results, including the registration of more than 10,000 accounts, and an enthusiastic community of 3,000 children who play the game daily. Moreover, a preliminary analysis showed that Letterprins improves the reading skills of young readers.

"We have some important results," says Esther Steenbeek-Planting, initiator of the Letterprins project "Children play the game daily of their own accord. This means they like it and are motivated to play. This is an important outcome because it is precisely reading motivation that is below par nationally and Europe-wide. If children are not motivated, they will not read. So, this is a super important first outcome. Without motivation, you will not get anywhere. In addition, reading skills improve while playing the game. We see that children recognise words faster, as they practice. This is an important outcome because it indicates that they are mastering the skill. They automate their skill (compare it to driving a car), first you try it carefully and then you automatically start doing it without thinking."

Development and PR campaign

IJsfontein developed Letterprins on behalf of Radboud University, in collaboration with several scientists from the Donders Institute and Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics. It embodies IJsfontein's mission to develop innovative learning tools that harness people's natural curiosity and intrinsic motivation to learn. IJsfontein designed and developed Letterprins with a deep understanding of the needs of young readers and the power of gamification.

Vertigo 6 was responsible for Letterprins' social media and PR campaign. The Digital Impact Awards ceremony, where the winners will be announced, is scheduled for 18 October 2023 in London.

Earlier this year, Letterprins was also nominated for a Digital Communication Award (Berlin) in the Best Digital Publishing category. These awards will be presented online on 29 September The jury particularly praised the scientific use of data to promote reading.

About Letterprins:

Letterprins encourages children to get reading mileage. They don't do this alone, as parents and caregivers are involved to experience reading pleasure at home and success together. With great results such as 10,000 registered accounts and 3,000 children playing it daily, Letterprins has proven to be a powerful tool for promoting literacy among children.

About IJsfontein:

IJsfontein, a leading creative studio, designs and develops playful (digital) learning based on the belief that people are naturally curious and intrinsically motivated to develop themselves. They create playful solutions with serious impact.

About Vertigo 6:

Vertigo 6 is a renowned marketing and PR agency known for its strategic insights and expertise in promoting innovative projects. Their collaboration with Letterprins and IJsfontein contributed to Letterprins' success and recognition at the Digital Impact Awards.