Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour
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A project supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF), the Donders Institute, Radboud University, and RadboudUMC.

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AIM OF THE STUDY: We are interested to investigate in young women (age 18-35), how variations of certain hormones (estradiol and progesterone) may influence their performance in various tasks, and to what extend these hormones relate to certain brain functions and brain structure. To measure brain function and structure we use the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)-scanner. We have 2 studies: In one study, menstrual cycle (MC)-study, we are interested in woman, who do not use any hormonal contraception and have a regular menstrual cycle (21-35 days). In the other study, oral contraceptive (OC)-study, we are interested in women, who use different types of oral contraceptives.

OUR VISION: We believe that by investigating the role of female hormones in a group of healthy women on tasks, which are important for daily functioning, we can contribute to a better understanding of these hormonal effects. We hope that our research will also contribute in the understanding of the role these female hormones play in certain disorders that affect women's psychological health.

WHAT WE ASK YOU TO DO: The MC-study consists of three appointments and the OC-study takes place in one appointment. In both cases you will be asked to fill various questionnaires and the informed consent. You will also be asked to give saliva samples at various time points (in total 5 samples throughout each appointment) to measure your estradiol and progesterone levels. The measurements will take place in two MRI-scanning sessions (once for around 40 minutes and the second time for around 30 minutes), during which you will be asked to solve some pre-trained tasks. In the second MRI-session, we additionally scan your brain structure (about 10 min). After each MRI-session you will also complete another task. Total time of the appointment is around 4 hours.

Interested to help us to reach these aims by participating in one of our studies?

Step 1: Fill in our online questionnaire, which asserts your eligibility to either of the two studies. You can find this questionnaire here: (5-10 min. depending on answers given).

If you choose to abort the questionnaire before submission, your answers will be automatically discarded. The platform (SociSurvey) used for the online questionnaire ensures full data privacy and handles collected data anonymously.

Step 2: If you have qualified for participating, you will receive an automated email, which will inform you for which study you were selected (based on your answers), with our contact address Please write us an email, stating that you filled in the online questionnaire and let us know for which study you were selected.

On completing the questionnaire you will also receive a code, which you must bring with you at the appointment (so that we can retrieve your answers).

Step 3: Sign-up for the measurement appointement(s). The appointment(s) take(s) place at the Donders Institute, Kapittelweg 29, Nijmegen location Donders Institute.

Appointment duration: The appointment will take around 4 hours.

Reimbursement: ~ €36 (€10/h for MRI-scanning and €8/h for tasks outside the scanner).

Appointment Duration: 1st appointment 4 hours, 2nd and 3rd appointment 3.5 hours.

Reimbursement: ~ €108 (3 times €36; €10/h for MRI-scanning and €8/h for tasks outside the scanner). The amount is paid at the end of the 3rd appointment.

General information about studies performed at the Donders Institute you find here (general info engl (pdf, 201 kB)/ general info dutch (pdf, 194 kB)) and more specific information about the use of MRI you find here ( MRI info engl (pdf, 107 kB) / MRI info dutch (pdf, 119 kB)).

You can contact us anytime at or directly contact the responsible researcher at