Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour
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Citizen Science at the Donders Citylab


The Donders Citylab aims to bring science and the general public together by combining research, entertainment and education. ​

The Donders Citylab is stationed at the muZIEum in Nijmegen and is a textbook example of citizen science.Visitors of the muZIEum will become research participants and simultaneously learn about cognition, behaviour and the brain. For researchers, the Citylab offers a chance to reach out to citizens and collect data from people across all segments of society.

muZIEum Nijmegen

​The muZIEum focusses on visual impairment and promotes awareness of those living with visual impairments. Visitors can experience the life of a blind person, in the Dark Experience, or during a tour through the city of Nijmegen with VR-glasses that simulate low vision. Tours are given by guides who themselves have a visual impairment.​ Donders Citylab represents an educational hub within the muZIEum which broadens the experience and education of visitors.

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