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Theme 1: Language and Communication

Donders-LANGUAGE-COMMUNICATION-screenResearch in this theme aims to understand the complexity of human language faculty and its development at the behavioural, cognitive, and neural levels in healthy individuals as well as in populations with dysfunction in linguistic and communication skills.

To do so it adopts a multilevel approach that is from genes to neurons, brain, cognition, interaction, and society. This broad approach to language also forms the basis in understanding language breakdowns as in acquired or developmental language disorders and to devise clinical applications and solutions to enhance language and communication skills in society for minority groups such as immigrants, hard of hearing etc as well as for communication in crisis times (i.e, COVID19 era).

See our list of lead scientists for researchers and research groups linked to this theme.

Stephanie Forkel, Theme leader

Nicola Rijzewijk

Researchers and research groups

Hans Rutger BoskerHRB 2022_shoulders2

Principal Investigator
Speech Perception in Audiovisual Communication (SPEAC)

Ton Dijkstra

Principal Investigator
Cognitive Aspects of Multilingualism

Linda Drijvers
Principal Investigator   
The Communicative Brain

Simon Fisher

Principal Investigator
Neurogenetics of Speech and Language

Stephanie Forkel (2)Stephanie Forkel

Principal Investigator

Peter Hagoort

Principal Investigator
Neurobiology of Language

Judith HollerHoller, Judith

Principal Investigator
Communication in Social Interaction (CoSI)

Kristin Lemhöfer             KL pic

Principal Investigator
Neurocognition of bilingualism

Andrea Martin 
Andrea Martin

Principal Investigator
Language and Computation in Neural Systems

James McQueen

Principal Investigator
Sound Learning

Antje MeyerMeyer, Antje

Principal Investigator (Affiliated)
Psychology of Language

Asli Özyürek Asli Ozyurek_0114_portrait1

Principal Investigator
Multimodal Language and Cognition

Vitória Piai

Principal Investigator
Language Function and Dysfunction

Wim PouwPouw, Wim

Research Fellow

Dynamic Signs and Signals (Dynamos)

Ardi RoelofsRoelofs, Ardi

Principal Investigator
Attention and Language Performance

Caroline Rowland

Principal Investigator (Affiliated)
Language Development

Herbert Schriefers

Principal Investigator
Contextual Flexibility in Language Processing

Ivan Tonitoni
Principal Investigator
Intention & Action

Affiliated institutes & researchers (MPI/CLS)

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