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Theme 3: Plasticity and Memory

Clinical neuroscience in psychiatry

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This group conducts research right at the intersection between clinical psychiatry and cognitive neuroscience with a focus on emotional and non emotional forms of declarative memory.

We investigate the adaptation of emotional and neutral memory processes depending on recent and remote(including early adversity) environmental variablity. To do so, we apply structural and functional magnetic resonance imaging methods. We use these basic findings and apply them to patient populations, in particular depressive patients with or without somatic co-morbidity developing experimental neurocognitive treatment options. We also aim to investigate the adaptation processes in relation to environmental challenges and have set out in a collaborative effort together with the Erwin Hahn Institute for Magnetic resonance Imaging of the University of Essen to investigate in vivo plasticity effects in healthy and aging.

Name: Indira Tendolkar
Telephone: 024-3613489
(secretary 024-3615327)
Visiting address: Department of Psychiatry
Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Center / route 961
Reinier Postlaan 10
6525 GC Nijmegen
The Netherlands
Postal address: Department of Psychiatry
Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre
P.O. Box 9101 / 961
6500 HB Nijmegen
The Netherlands
Key publications
  • van Eijndhoven P, Mulders P, Kwekkeboom L, van Oostrom I, van Beek M, Janzing J, Schene A, Tendolkar I (2016).Bilateral ECT induces bilateral increases in regional cortical thickness. Transl Psychiatry,6(8):e874
  • Everaerd D, Klumpers F, Zwiers M, Guadalupe T, Franke B, van Oostrom I, Schene A, Fernández G, Tendolkar I (2016).Childhood abuse and deprivation are associated with distinct sex-dependent differences in brain morphology. Neuropsychopharmacology, 41(7):1716-23.
  • Kroes MC, Tendolkar I, van Wingen GA, van Waarde JA, Strange BA, Fernández G (2014). An electroconvulsive therapy procedure impairs reconsolidation of episodic memories in humans. Nat Neurosci,17(2):204-6.
  • van Eijndhoven P, van Wingen G, Katzenbauer M, Groen W, Tepest R, Fernández G, Buitelaar J, Tendolkar I (2013). Paralimbic cortical thickness in first-episode depression: evidence for trait-related differences in mood regulation. Am J Psychiatry, 170(12):1477-86.
  • Tendolkar I, van Wingen G, Urner M, Verkes RJ, Fernández G. Short-term duloxetine administration affects neural correlates of mood-congruent memory (2011). Neuropsychopharmacology, 36(11):2266-75.


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Theme 3:
Plasticity and Memory

Research Group
Clinical Neuroscience in Psychiatry

Associate Principal Investigator
Prof. dr. I. Tendolkar

Group members

Senior researchers
Philip van Eijndhoven, PhD and staff member psychiatry
Janna Vrijsen, PhD and research coordinator Pro Persona
Bernhard Müller, PhD and senior psychologist (University of Essen-Duisburg)

Daphne Everaerd, PhD and staff member psychiatry
Martin Möbius, PhD

Leonore Bovy
Iris Dalhuisen
Fleur Duyser
Peter Mulders
Jasper van Oort
Jan- Willem Thielen
Hannah Windbergs (University of Essen-Duisburg)

Research assistant
Edwin Schenkel

Master students
Judith Appel
Marleen Koster

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