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Theme 3: Plasticity and Memory

Networks of Memory and Sleep

For us to function as humans our memories are crucial, but we do not want to remember everything in every little detail but instead we need to extract key information enabling us to deal with future events. This processing of memories – highlighting important events, extracting overlapping, salient information and deleting unnecessary data – is probably one of the main reasons why we need to sleep.

We are interested in investigating how sleep influences memory processing in whole brain networks and which factors such as novelty experiences can influence this processing. To achieve this we combine different approaches and investigate mice, rats and humans. In rodents we apply a variety of molecular, electrophysiology, and behavioral approaches such as calcium imaging, high-density silicon probes, tetrode drives and immediate early gene analysis. In humans, we combine functional magnetic resonanz imaging with classic polysomnography in the sleep lab. We use these methods to understand physiological sleep and memory mechanisms in healthy controls as well as investigate effects of disease with animal models and human patients suffering from e.g. depression and schizophrenia.


Dr. med Lisa Genzel (M.D.)
Donders Centre for Neuroscience
Postbus 9101, Internal mailbox 66
The Netherlands
+31 24 3668495

Huygensbuilding, room HG00.137
Heijendaalseweg 135
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Theme 3:
Development and lifelong plasticity
Research Group
Networks of Memory and Sleep

Principal Investigator
Dr. med Lisa Genzel (M.D.)

Group members:

dr. Jacqueline van der Meij
dr. Abdelrahman Rayan

PhD candidates
Anumita Samanta
Alejandra Alonso
Laura Clément

Junior Researcher
Adrian Aleman Zapata

Lab Manager
Liz van den Brand

Master Students
Milan Bogers
Chiara Cioni
Sten Lahaye

Bachelor Students
Ali Lotfi
Anna Umirzakova
Loussi Bedrosian
Kasper Jolink
Berend Roring
Raka Mustafa
Yevhen Ostraukhon
Meike van den Burgh
Sinne Alkema

Past Students
Juraj Bevnandic
Sidney Hulzebos
Luca Reinink
Minou Verhaeg
Angela Maria Gomez Fonseca
Joanne Igoli
Gülberk Bayraktar
Luc Nijssen
Rian Kraan
Robin Lempers
Koen van den Berg
Lisann Brinker
Daan van den Tillaart
Olaf Stoutjesdijk
Federico Giuliani
Levan Bokeria
Stefanos Loizou
Nikkie Cornelissen
Thom Joosten
Thijs Groenveld
Violeta Maria Caragea
Anne Mulder
Joost Pleune
Betul Tamer
Patrizia Ferrante
Nienke Flipsen
Steven Smits
Yarick Winmai
Yangyang Fang
Iris Rijssemus
Xenia Varveri
Joris van Hout
Niamh Hemingway
Odile Paul
Alysha Maurmair
Jet van der Stoep
Eloise Kuijer
Anne Linge Huiskamp
Christiana Valliana
Natasja Rutgers
Jay Chen
Nicole Thijssen
Tijmen van Gelder
Jonna Spelmeyer
Monica Siuraneta
Stefan Zwerve

(Update December 2022)