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Theme 3: Plasticity and Memory

Preclinical Neuroimaging

Our aim is to investigate animal models of neurological and psychiatric disorders to bring forward disease mechanisms and to test novel therapeutics with a focus on translational neuroimaging technologies. We focus on functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging as the main tool to investigate neuronal-vascular activity and to establish functional connectivity across the whole-brain in healthy and rodent models of brain disorders. Statistical imaging and database mining are used to complement our neuronal network models. We implement genetically-encoded neuromodulatory tools, optogenetics and chemogenetics, to causally manipulate key hub regions of the brain, concurrently with whole-brain functional imaging to elucidate the fundamental role played by vulnerable elements of a neuronal network.

Dr. Joanes Grandjean develops and applies neuroimaging technologies adapted for preclinical research in rodent models of neurological and psychiatric disorders. He is hosted at the Radiology and Nuclear Medicine department and Cognitive Neuroscience department of the Radboud University Medical Center. He is part of the Donders Institute for brain cognition and behaviour and operate laboratories at the Preclinical Imaging Center.

Name: Joanes Grandjean
Telephone: 024-3652306
Visiting address:

Department of Cognitive Neuroscience, Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Center
Kapittelweg 29 / route 200
6525 EN Nijmegen
The Netherlands

Postal address:

Department of Cognitive Neuroscience, Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Center
P.O. Box 9101 / 200
6500 HB Nijmegen
The Netherlands


  • The physiological basis for distributed neuronal network remodeling in chronic stress
    We examine the brain-wide remodeling within and between distributed neuronal networks in a mouse model of psychosocial stress. The patterns observed in chronically stressed animals closely resembled those found in human patients using homologous methods, however, the underlying biological mechanisms behind this phenotype is not understood. To causally evaluate the role of serotonin, a major neurotransmitter implicated in depression, we have used opto-fMRI to visualize whole-brain activity in response to serotonin release following acute stress or acute anti-depressant.
  • The early mechanism leading to functional alterations in Alzheimer’s disease
    We use optogentics and functional imaging in transgenic animal models to characterize functional vulnerabilities at the onset of tauopathy and cerebral amyloidosis.
  • The physiological basis for neuronal network organization
    Functional neuroimaging methods are widely used in human to derive mechanistic information related to brain pathologies. However, experimental limitations imposed in humans preclude molecular and cellular analysis. Using trans-species imaging modalities, we investigate the physiological basis for functional connectivity phenomena in the healthy and diseased brain.
Key grants
2019: CANDY, Horizon2020 : Collaborative Research Projects
2018 : Open Fund - Young Individual Research Grant, National Medical Research Council, Singapore
2016: Singapore BioImaging Consortium Award, Agency for Science Technology and Research, Singapore
2015: Junior Faculty Award, AD/PD 2015: International Conference on Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Diseases, Nice
Key publications
  • Grandjean, Joanes; Canella, Carola; Anckaerts, Cynthia; Ayrancı, Gülebru; Bougacha, Salma; Bienert, Thomas; Buehlmann, David; Coletta, Ludovico; Gallino, Daniel; Gass, Natalia; Common functional networks in the mouse brain revealed by multi-centre resting-state fMRI analysis NeuroImage 205 116278 2020 [Full text](
  • Grandjean, Joanes; Corcoba, Alberto; Kahn, Martin C; Upton, A Louise; Deneris, Evan S; Seifritz, Erich; Helmchen, Fritjof; Mann, Edward O; Rudin, Markus; Saab, Bechara J; A brain-wide functional map of the serotonergic responses to acute stress and fluoxetine Nature communications 10 1 350 2019 [Full text](
  • Grandjean, Joanes; Zerbi, Valerio; Balsters, Joshua Henk; Wenderoth, Nicole; Rudin, Markus; Structural basis of large-scale functional connectivity in the mouse Journal of Neuroscience 37 34 8092-8101 2017 [Full text](
  • Grandjean, Joanes; Schroeter, Aileen; Batata, Imene; Rudin, Markus; Optimization of anesthesia protocol for resting-state fMRI in mice based on differential effects of anesthetics on functional connectivity patterns Neuroimage 102 838-847 2014 [Full text](


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Plasticity and Memory


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Preclinical Neuroimaging

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Dr. Joanes Grandjean

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