Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour
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Theme 4: Brain Networks and Neuronal Communication

MR Techniques in Brain Function

Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and BehaviourThe group ‘MR techniques in brain function’ at the Donders Institute for Brain Behaviour and Cognition at the Radboud University in Nijmegen concentrates on MR methods development for cognitive neuroimaging. Our methodological activities concentrate on the development of techniques for the measurement of laminar fMRI in human subjects, on methods for accelerated data acquisition, including simultaneous multi-slice imaging approaches, investigating the fundamental magnetic properties of brain tissue, and GABA spectroscopy. We are also active in the fields of, angiography, multi-echo fMRI data acquisition, simultaneous EEG/fMRI, and BOLD biophysics.

We also investigate, develop, improve and make available the best data analysis methods for multi-channel electrophysiology signals, including MEG, EEG, LFP with the specific goal to localize and characterize the underlying sources of these signals and asses their network relationships.

Name: David G. Norris
Telephone: ++31 (0)24 3610649
Fax: ++ 31 (0)24 3610652
Visiting address: Trigon
Kapittelweg 29
6525 EN Nijmegen
The Netherlands
Postal address: Donders Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging Trigon 204
P.O. Box 9101
6500 HB Nijmegen
The Netherlands
  • Partner in the BrainGain project, a Dutch research consortium consisting of researchers, industry, and potential users of Brain-Computer and Computer-Brain interfaces. > More
  • Partner in the VIP BrainNetworks, a research consortium aiming at developing tools to facilitate prevention, diagnosis, therapy and rehabilitation of brain infarctions. > More
  • Partner in the HiMR Consortium for Ultra-High Field Magnetic Resonance Imaging. > More
Key grants and prizes
  • Research grant: Norris DG, Marques J. Dutch Science Foundation. 2 Postdocs (3, 4 years) 2019-2024

  • Research grant:  Norris DG, Klomp D, Karssemeijer N, EFRO MR Brain EUR 4.950.000. 2017-2020

  • Research grant: Marques J, Norris DG. Dutch Science Foundation. 1 PhD student (4 years), 1 Post-doc (2 years). 2017-2021

  • Research grant: Norris DG, Hagoort P. Dutch Science Foundation. 1 PhD student (4 years). 2014-2018

  • Research grant: Norris DG. Province Gelderland. Research Instrumentation EUR 737.000 2014-2019

Key publications
  • Lawrence SJD, van Mourik T, Kok P, Koopmans PJ, Norris DG, de Lange FP. Laminar Organization of Working Memory Signals in Human Visual Cortex. Current Biology: 2018.
  • Hong D, van Asten JJA, Rankouhi SR, Thielen JW, Norris DG. Implications of the magnetic susceptibility difference between grey and white matter for single-voxel proton spectroscopy at 7T. Journal of Magnetic Resonance 2018;297:51-60.
  • Scheeringa R, Koopmans PJ, van Mourik T, Jensen O, Norris DG. The relationship between oscillatory EEG activity and the laminar-specific BOLD signal. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 2016;113(24):6761-6766.

  • Markuerkiaga I, Barth M, Norris DG. A cortical vascular model for examining the specificity of the laminar BOLD signal. Neuroimage 2016;132:491-498.

  • Norris DG, Boyacioglu R, Schulz J, Barth M, Koopmans PJ. Application of PINS Radiofrequency Pulses to Reduce Power Deposition in RARE/Turbo Spin Echo Imaging of the Human Head. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 2014;71(1):44-49.

(Update: December 2018)


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Theme 4:
Natural Computing & Neurotechnology

Research Group
MR Techniques in Brain Function

Principal Investigator
Prof. David Norris

Group members

Senior researchers 
Prof. Jan van der Eerden
Dr. Jose Marques
Prof. Dr. Robert Oostenveld

Staff Scientists
Dr. Marcel Zwiers

Postdoctoral Researchers
Dr. Aidin Arbabi
Dr. Maxime Chamberland
Dr. Martine Hoogman
Dr. Vitaliy Khlebnikov
Dr. Zahra Fazal

Research Assistant
Kenneth van der Zee

MSc and BSc Students
Oxana Grosseck