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Physics of Machine Learning and Complex Systems

The Physics of Machine Learning and Complex Systems group, part of the Department of Biophysics in the Science Faculty of Radboud University, is led by Bert Kappen (PhD Rockefeller University) and Ton Coolen (PhD Utrecht University). Both are trained as theoretical physicists, but have over the years worked mostly on applications of mathematical methods from statistical physics and information theory to modelling and inference problems at the interface between physics, biology, data science, computation, and medicine. The main six current research themes of the group are Machine learning and inference, Quantum computing, Medical statistics, Control theory, Modelling of complex systems and Networks and graphs.

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Theme 4:
Natural Computing & Neurotechnology

Research Group
Physics of Machine Learning and Complex Systems

Principal Investigator
prof.dr. Ton Coolen

dr. Theodore Nikoletopoulos

PhD candidate
Mauricio Diaz-Ortiz
Emanuele Massa

(Update January 2023)